Why I think YouView will fail


With tablets at £150, why anyone in their right mind would spend £250 to have a PVR that record something that can then be watched only on the TV, when you can stream/download(well done BBC) most of the (pre recorded on the cloud BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand 5) stuff anyway via streaming?

Sport is not on YouView, so this makes it a replacement for the £20 FreView tuner. If you want sport, you still need Sky or Virgin, so YouView is just another box you need to add to your TV.

“At the launch of YouView, chairman Lord Sugar‘s ambition for the service was to replace Freeview Devices.”

Most of the new TVs already have a digital receiver incorporated, so FreeView devices are already becoming obsolete, TVs are getting smarter and smarter too: with less than the cost of YouView, you can buy a Smart Tv with FreeView built in (http://amzn.to/T1Eda0), and with a bit more one with WiFi too (http://amzn.to/T1EUQG).

If YouView is to succeed, it needs to cost less than £100 and even at that price point, I would say it’s too much.

Telecommunications Operators and Broadcasters companies should focus on content, services and advertising, making everything available on the internet via APIs, so that they can still control “who” is watching “what” and monetize that, but should leave the “how” to hardware maker(xbox, playstation, apple tv) and the “where” and “when” to consumers.

YouView is trying to solve an old problem in an old way, trying to control too many things, and in my opinion, will fail.

With Google(http://bit.ly/T1F8aw), Microsoft (http://bit.ly/T1F4aI), Amazon (http://bit.ly/T1F9eJ), Hulu and Netflix (http://bit.ly/T1Fgab) starting to produce their own TV content, it’s quite clear that the TV market will be the next one to be hugely changed in the next 5 years. The future is 100% on the internet. PVRs are dead, FreeView is dead, cable TV is dead.

Sorry Lord Sugar.


Windows 8 – Reset Your PC using Chocolatey

I don’t want to do too much copy and paste, go and read this blog post from Maarten Balliauw

this is how I can reinstall most of the software I use with a couple of command line commands

Go to http://www.myget.org,

  • setup your feed
  • add http://chocolatey.org/api/v2/ to the package sources
  • feeds
  • add all the packages you want to install.
  • packages

Install chocolatey on your machine:

@powershell -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy unrestricted -Command “iex ((new-object net.webclient).DownloadString(‘https://chocolatey.org/install.ps1’))” && SET PATH=%PATH%;%systemdrive%\chocolatey\bin

and install all the packages from the feed you just created:
cinst All -source http://www.myget.org/F/smnbsswin8

Problem with @teamcity & #svn – can you help?


We installed a new svn server on a linux box a few weeks ago and we’re now migrating all our repos to that new shiny box.

We are using TeamCity Enterprise 6.0.1 (build 15816) as or CI platform, and while TC was perfectly able to talk to the old svn server running on a windows box, when we try to configure TC to read from the new one we got this error:

svn: SASL(-13): authentication failure: Password verification failed

If I try to connect to svn using Tortoise SVN, everything works just fine, but it looks like TC is unable to negotiate an authentication mechanism with svn, as you can see from TC logs:

[2011-11-28 16:16:00,953]  DEBUG -                 javasvn.output – NETWORK: READ

( success ( 2 2 ( ) ( edit-pipeline svndiff1 absent-entries commit-revprops depth log-revprops partial-replay ) ) )

[2011-11-28 16:16:00,953]  DEBUG -                 javasvn.output – NETWORK: SENT

( 2 ( edit-pipeline svndiff1 absent-entries depth mergeinfo log-revprops ) 38:svn://xxxbossvn02.tdpg.loc/EditorLite )

[2011-11-28 16:16:00,969]  DEBUG -                 javasvn.output – NETWORK: READ

( success ( ( PLAIN ) 36:3a6327f8-976c-bd49-aeeb-750278934a40 ) )

[2011-11-28 16:16:00,969]  DEBUG -                 javasvn.output – NETWORK: SENT

( PLAIN ( 4:AAA= ) )

[2011-11-28 16:16:00,969]  DEBUG -                 javasvn.output – NETWORK: READ

( failure ( 63:SASL(-13): authentication failure: Password verification failed ) )

[2011-11-28 16:16:00,969]  DEBUG -                 javasvn.output – NETWORK: svn: SASL(-13): authentication failure: Password verification failed

Your Kindle is much more than a book reader

For me, it’s also a Blog reader.

The default way for a Kindle user to get a blog on his kindle is to go to the Kindle Store, browse for blogs and hope that the blog you want to subscribe to is in the Kindle Store and usually pay for it. Not much, but you have to pay for it.

Blog writers have to go to Kindle Publishing for Blogs to add their blog to the list of blogs on the Store.

So, how do you get around that?
Well, there’s a service on the web called Instapaper and another one called If This Than That that mixed together can deliver a daily list of blog posts to your kindle.

What do you need to do?

  1. Go to Amazon > Manage Your Devices
    1. image
    2. Find out what your @kindle.com email address is
  2. Register to Instapaper,
    1. Go to set up wireless delivery to kindle
    2. image
    3. Setup Instapapar delivery to happen every day, and to deliver to [youraddress]@free.kindle.com
    4. Go to your Kindle management page
    5. Under Your Kindle approved e-mail list, add this address:
    6. Under Your Kindle(s), find the Kindle E-mail Address and enter that in the box above.
    7. image
  3. Register to IFTTT (http://bit.ly/u66ykI)
    1. Go to Channels and add the Instapaper channel to your IFTTT account
    2. image
    3. Go to Your tasks and start to create new tasks:
    4. Basically you need to configure that if a new blog post is created:
    5. image
    6. image
    7. Paste in feed url the rss feed of the blog you want to follow
    8. Then you want Instapaper to be alerted
    9. image
    10. So that we can reed the blog post later
    11. image
    12. You can leave the default to the following screen
    13. image
    14. And then name your task
    15. image
  4. At this point you have got IFTTT that deliver new blog posts to Instapaper and Instapapaper that daily deliver all the new blog posts to your kindle. FOR FREE

sweet! Smile