Bins–Taskbar organizer for windows

I’ve just installed Bins ( and it has already changed the way I work.

My taskbar was a huge mess before, I had 60/70 icons and I had to use small icons in 2 lines to use as less screen as possible, but it was becoming quite hard to manage

This is my new taskbar with Bin installed:

With Bin installed, I can group icons the way I want (work tools, social tools, media tools) and use only about 20 icons on my taskbar but still keeping all the tools I need just one click away.

I really hope Microsoft will buy this product and make it a default on Windows 8 Smile

I love this product!


Configuring Windows Media Center to work as it should – Can’t get .mp4 and .avi video’s to play in MCE

I’m configuring Windows Media Center on my Windows 7 laptop to stream videos from my NAS (
I want to make sure everything work as I expect it before I start to order parts for my HTPC (!A117AA5E007A0648!1996.entry).

The media center easily recognize my Stora, and I was able to add the shared folders to the MCE configuration, but I couldn’t find most of the movies I had shared, just a couple of them. It turned out it’s a problem with the way the avi files are perceived from windows 7.

The solution was to merge this file into the windows registry

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

“Content Type”=”video/mpeg”

“Content Type”=”video/mpeg”

“Content Type”=”video/avi”

“Content Type”=”video/mp4”

“Content Type”=”video/x-ms-asf”

“Content Type”=”video/quicktime”

“Content Type”=”video/mpeg”

“Content Type”=”video/x-ms-wmv”

Windows Live Messenger Beta is out

And it’s very cool.
It work as a sot of aggregator of Facebook, Myspace etc…

I noticed a weird behaviour, maybe due to Facebook privacy settings or something else, anyway, a friend of mine replied to my post, and it looks like it’s some sort of private response.

I didn’t knew Facebook allowed that. here you can see what it looks like on Live Messenger Beta.



BTW, the entire Windows Live Essentials experience is fabulous.
The new Live Mail looks a lot like Outlook 2010, with message grouped by conversation


and the Ribbon Bar


The new Live Sync, former Live Mesh work on PC and Mac, and allows you to sync 2 machines without keeping a copy of the data in the Cloud.
The downside is that it now allows to sync on the Cloud only 2GB, back from the 5 GB Mash allowed.

smnbss Rating: 9/10