Continuous Learner #20


Test Better –
Phil Haack last week posted about testing, and the way it’s part of each modern developer’s life to write unit testing, and to help QA the software we are writing.

The way I see it, he’s completely right, I’m demanding more attention to unit and functional testing from me and the members of my team. It’s good to have dedicated QA resources that help a team of developers to keep high the attention toward quality, that help to coordinate the testing of new functionality being released by all the members of a team.

I like to get dedicated QA members involved early on in the process of analyzing new features, help figure out the weakness of the business requirements, and ultimately *help* developers test their code.


TeamCity plugin for Visual Studio –
This is a tool that has existed for a long time and yesterday Maarten Balliauw blogged about it in the JetBrains blog.

It’s a super useful tool you can use to run build and automation testing on a Team city server rather than your local machine without having to commit to a source control first. neat!



Continuous Learner #14

Muddling Through the Mobile Web


Windows Phone 7

Joe Belfiore shows off Windows Phone Mango

Microsoft – Domain Oriented N-Layered .NET 4.0 App Sample (DDD Architecture)


Visual Studio 2010 Uninstall Utility

Continuous Learner #13

Editing a variable-length list, Knockout-style – Knockout with MVC

Knockout JS: Helping you build dynamic JavaScript UIs with MVVM and ASP.NET

Web dev that’s as smooth as Silk… Project Silk

Visual Studio
Glimpse – "What Firebug is for the client, Glimpse does for the server… in other words, a client side Glimpse into whats going on in your server."

Visual Studio PerfWatson Free

Visual Studio 2010 Image Optimizer Extension

High Scalability

Hadoop in Azure

Open source
"Today we start Xamarin, our new company focused on Mono-based products." – Miguel de Icaza

Continuous Learner #9


No Callbacks Required: StratifiedJS Returns Sequential Programming to Javascript

This StratifiedJS sound a lot like Async for .NET. It’s cool to see the client stack improving in parallel with the server side stack

VS2010 – JScript Editor Extensions

VS2010 – resharper

New Windows Phone 7 Developer Guidance released for building line of business applications

Continuous Learner #7


Unit Test

Steve jobs was inspired by Italian cars


Templify – making solution creation simple.

sudo apt-get for Visual Studio 2010

Microsoft is getting better and better at copying what is really cool from the other non Microsoft worlds.

The news of the day is the release of NuPack, a Package Manager for visual studio project. It allows via command line to add packages to your existing application and it works really well.

Let’s say you have a web project and you want to start to use NLog on that project. 

Until today you had to download the library from the NLog site (, copy the dll in a folder inside your solution, Open your web project, add a reference to the dll, update the web.config to make it work, with some trial and error.

Starting from today, given you have installed NuPack (, the only thing you have to do is open the Package Manager Console (View->Other Windows) select your web project, type Add-Package NLog and you’re done.


The web.config is automatically updated, the dll is automatically downloaded in a folder called packages and a reference is added to your project.


Alternatively, if you do not like to use the command line console, you can right click on the project references folder and select Add Package Reference and you’ll see a list of packages you can add to the project.



This is probably one of the best thing I’ve seen ever Smile

Continuous Learner #6