Bins–Taskbar organizer for windows

I’ve just installed Bins ( and it has already changed the way I work.

My taskbar was a huge mess before, I had 60/70 icons and I had to use small icons in 2 lines to use as less screen as possible, but it was becoming quite hard to manage

This is my new taskbar with Bin installed:

With Bin installed, I can group icons the way I want (work tools, social tools, media tools) and use only about 20 icons on my taskbar but still keeping all the tools I need just one click away.

I really hope Microsoft will buy this product and make it a default on Windows 8 Smile

I love this product!

TO WLM guys: please, make WLM pluggable!!!!

Now days people are using many different communication platforms.

Messenger, twitter, facebook are all communication platforms we all use, all with APIs to talk to them.
Why not make WLM pluggable so that I can build my plugin to retrieve my twitter updates, my facebook updates my windows live updates (those in in Windows Live wave 3) and at the same way I’m able to update my facebook and flickr status while I update my WLM Personal Message…
Come ‘on guys we need more flexibility to write plugins for Messenger. We’ve seen quite good stuff for Live Writer, but please, open up messenger!!!
There are many “social clients” out there why not allow developer to make Messenger “THE social client”?

there’s something out there to try to merge all those platforms

but we need more flexibility

How to extend orders schema in datawarehouse

In the development phase of a Commerce Server 2007 project, I extended Order classes following these instructions the vkumar instructions.
I did it really good, and everything in my web site is working well, but few days ago, my customer asked me to create some reports with Reporting Services filtering the results by the field I added to the classes.
I need 2 days of work to find the solution to this problem.
The steps to do make the Datawarehouse work with this new fields are:

  1. Extending the Data Warehouse Logical Schema :
    Create a vbscript to add the new Member to all the extended classes
  2. Select Transaction Properties for Import
    1. Add the required field to csv_* views in database *_transactions
    2. Add the required records to the table TransDimension in *_transactions db.
  3. Run an Import DTS Package
    This will add new stored procedures in datawarehouse db, incrementing the MinorVersion field in ClsDef table, make the data import task point to these new stored procedures.

Do we really need a ??

Today i was browsing some tech sites and i saw a really interesting page, where there’s the windows history flow.
Watching the end of the pic, i saw all the desktop windows system that are now in use, like XP, 2003, the new coming Vista (blleeeaaa again, i prefer Longhorn !!), and at the bottom of the page i saw a strange flow join : Windows Mobile 5.0 is going into Windows Automotive 5.0.
But… what is Windows Automotive ?????
Here you can find something more :
And finally, my questions are…
Do we really need a computer in our car that talk with us??
All of us need the help of a PC while driving ??
Can really a car pc to be so intelligent to be our secretary???
I don’t think yet…