Your Kindle is much more than a book reader

For me, it’s also a Blog reader.

The default way for a Kindle user to get a blog on his kindle is to go to the Kindle Store, browse for blogs and hope that the blog you want to subscribe to is in the Kindle Store and usually pay for it. Not much, but you have to pay for it.

Blog writers have to go to Kindle Publishing for Blogs to add their blog to the list of blogs on the Store.

So, how do you get around that?
Well, there’s a service on the web called Instapaper and another one called If This Than That that mixed together can deliver a daily list of blog posts to your kindle.

What do you need to do?

  1. Go to Amazon > Manage Your Devices
    1. image
    2. Find out what your email address is
  2. Register to Instapaper,
    1. Go to set up wireless delivery to kindle
    2. image
    3. Setup Instapapar delivery to happen every day, and to deliver to [youraddress]
    4. Go to your Kindle management page
    5. Under Your Kindle approved e-mail list, add this address:
    6. Under Your Kindle(s), find the Kindle E-mail Address and enter that in the box above.
    7. image
  3. Register to IFTTT (
    1. Go to Channels and add the Instapaper channel to your IFTTT account
    2. image
    3. Go to Your tasks and start to create new tasks:
    4. Basically you need to configure that if a new blog post is created:
    5. image
    6. image
    7. Paste in feed url the rss feed of the blog you want to follow
    8. Then you want Instapaper to be alerted
    9. image
    10. So that we can reed the blog post later
    11. image
    12. You can leave the default to the following screen
    13. image
    14. And then name your task
    15. image
  4. At this point you have got IFTTT that deliver new blog posts to Instapaper and Instapapaper that daily deliver all the new blog posts to your kindle. FOR FREE

sweet! Smile

SkyDrive vs Office 365 vs Evernote (my 2 cents)

So, what is SkyDrive and what is Office 365? There seems to be a lot of confusion on the web about what one is and what the other one is. I think the confusion comes from the fact that Microsoft is trying to market Office 365 as the “Online collaboration tool”, implicitly saying that you cannot collaborate using SkyDrive that is marketed as “Online document storage and file sharing“.

Do you need Office 365 to collaborate?

No, you do not.
Well, if for collaborating you mean sharing a calendar, appointments, emails (Exchange), managing a complex documentation system for your company (SharePoint), connect with others using IM and do video sharing, online conference calls, etc… (Lync) then Office 365 is what you need.

Of course, if you are a non professional user (or a self managed professional) you probably do not need all the features offered by Office 365, but you might occasionally need to share and collaborate with other people on some office documents.

What you really need is SkyDrive.

Do you need Evernote to collborate?

No, you do not.

Evernote is a wonderful cross platform to create and share notes, but you can share only notes, there’s not a concept of folder, and there’s not a concept of Spread sheet (you do not always share just text)

What you really need is SkyDrive and OneNote

Let me show you what you can do with SkyDrive:

First of all, open Skydrive and login with your Windows Live account.

Create an Online Word document in SkyDrive

  1. Click on the work icon next to Create on the SkyDrive toolbarimage
  2. Name your document
  3. Use Word Web App to edit the document

Open an existing Online Word document using Word 2010

  1. Just click on the Open in Word button on the toolbar
  2. Confirm that you want to open the document
  3. Click on Enable Editing
  4. Change the document and hit the sync button
  5. At this point if you reopen the document from the browser in SkyDrive using Word Web App you’ll see the change that was made

Share an existing Online Word document via SkyDrive

  1. Open the document in SkyDrive
  2. Add a list of emails you want to share the document with
  3. Send a message to the people you want to share the document with
  4. They’ll receive an email with a link the the online Word document they can start to edit

Share a SkyDrive folder with other people

  1. Open SkyDrive
  2. Select a folder
  3. Edit Permissions
  4. Select the people you want to share the folder with
  5. they’ll receive an email with the link to the SkyDrive folder you’ve shared with them and will be able to work with you on documents you’ve shred with them. You can edit the same document at the same time and every change will be synchronized in real-time with  all the people editing the document at the same time

Cool places where to go for Lunch/Dinner or just for a beer or a cocktail in London

All my friends coming to London with/without families, always ask me about cool places where to go for Lunch or Dinner or just for a beer or a cocktail, so here is the list of the top places I know in London:

For a day out

Grab a pack of beers or a bottle of wine and go straight to

Primrose Hill

Very close to Primerose Hill you can find one of the best gastropub in London:

The Engineer

Hampstead Heath 

One of the biggest park in London

If you want to eat oriental food


Pricy but the food is very good


Very economic and probably one of the most typical Japanese restaurant in London.
Book a week in advance or you’ll not be able to get in



Best place for a very special day out

Ping Pong

Italian Food



Afternoon Tea & Cocktail Bars


Amazing afternoon tea room, and super futuristic cocktail bar on the back



Café Liberty

A little bit of shopping at Liberty and then a relaxing afternoon tea.


This is a place I’m going to tomorrow for the first time. let’s hope the weather is kind with us, but from the panorama view is stunning

[Updated] Holy shit… I changed my password on lastpass and lost all my stored data…

I changed my master password on last pass because of some security problem they had in the last week ( and the horrible result is that it looks like I’ve now lost all of my stored passwords, see screenshot below:


I feel like a big middle finger is rising to salute LastPass.


False alarm, my data is back, but I’ve been really scared for a few minutes…


Actually it looks like it was Chrome LastPass plugin that was unable to decrypt my data after I changed the password. If that happen to you, uninstall and reinstall the plugin.


Google, please, get your design up to date and consistent everywhere


In 2 minutes I was able to find out at least 5 different toolbar design on google official services:

Some use the new Toolbar (I love it and that is fine), even if does have the new toolbar but without all the additional services.



Some use the old toolbar in 3 different variants, with different services, or different css styles (sometimes with underscore on the menu voices, some others without).




It really is annoying. Google, take a couple of engineers and designers and please FIX it EVERYWHERE !!!