[UPDATED] Waiting for my SSD at work

A year ago I posted about my new Laptop with the wonderful SSD disk (http://smnbss.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!A117AA5E007A0648!1406.entry)

I’ll be soon getting an SSD for my Work PC, so to compare the the old disk with the new one here’s the benchmark for the old one.

image and after the upgrade image

I’ll update this post with the results from my new disk soon.


Testing my new XPS m1330

I have bought a new XPS M1330 few days ago and finally I’ve got it in my hands.

Still not so confident using the keyboard due to the fact that it’s a bit smaller than my old Inspiron 6400 and the keys layout is a bit different, I’m very exited about the SSD performances.

I did a benchmark using ATTO Disk Benchmark and this is the result

My new XPS My old Inspiron My work Machine
XPS M1330
XPSM1330 Inspiron6400 PrecisionT7400

Almost 4 times faster in reads and 3.5 faster in writes.
I’m super happy, now I can finally have a decent WOW experience 😀

P.S: this laptop fly!!!!!