HTML5 support on WP7

After updating my Omnia 7 to mango ( the first thing I was curious to test was the HTML5 support of the browser.

Basically the WP7 browser offer the same support of HTML5 as IE9 on Windows 7:

IE9 on Windows 7 IE10 Preview 2
image image
Chrome 13 Firefox 5
image image
WP7 Mango  

As you can see, the font support is not quite the same, but I have to say I’m a bit disappointed buy the result, even if it’s all I could have expected.

It’s still very disappointing to see IE10 so far behind Chrome and Firefox.

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Google+Twitter vs Bing+Facebook

I’ve just noticed that Google integrated twitter on the search result in the same way Microsoft is integrating Facebook with Bing.

I can’t see the Bing+Facebooki integration yet (may be because I’m in the UK) but I saw today for the first time the Google+Twitter



Working in IT, and using the search engine most of the time to search something related to my work, I think Google+Twitter is much better. Twitter is where all my professional contacts are.

What do you think about this? who will provide the better service to you?

Enable click to play FLASH on Chrome

There’s an interesting hidden feature in Chrome, that allows you to disable by default all the plugins, but allows you to enable the one you want by clicking on it.

To enable the feature, open about:flags on chrome and enable the Click to play feature:


At that point when you open a page that use a plugin you’ll see something like this:


Clicking on the plugin you’ll automatically start the execution of that single plugin:


It surely is annoying to have the FLASH plugin disabled when browsing youtube, so you can setup exception from the Chrome setting page: chrome://settings/content


Click on Manage Exceptions and add the site where you want the plugin to play by default



You can now enjoy a life without flash ads Smile and with a lot less browser crash.

Google is testing a new Layout for search results

As reported by techcrunch (, google is apparently testing 2 new layouts for the search page. I happen to have the “white version”, with no lines separating each result.

I’m not sure this is a good solution. I like to have at least a small line that separate results one from the other. To me it looks harder to scan the result list for useful information.

Do you like the new Google layout for the search result page?


Google, please, get your design up to date and consistent everywhere


In 2 minutes I was able to find out at least 5 different toolbar design on google official services:

Some use the new Toolbar (I love it and that is fine), even if does have the new toolbar but without all the additional services.



Some use the old toolbar in 3 different variants, with different services, or different css styles (sometimes with underscore on the menu voices, some others without).




It really is annoying. Google, take a couple of engineers and designers and please FIX it EVERYWHERE !!!