Continuous Learner #12


”Modernizr adds classes to the <html> element which allow you to target specific browser functionality in your stylesheet. You don’t actually need to write any Javascript to use it”

”So here we’re collecting all the shims, fallbacks, and polyfills in order to implant html5 functionality in browsers that don’t natively support them.”

HTML5 Improvements with the ASP.NET MVC 3 Tools Update

Deep Dive into HTML5 and CSS3

High Scalability

Large-Scale Websites: Lessons from eBay

Visual Studio

Clean Up Your Mess – A Guide to Visual Design for Everyone

Webmachine and RESTful Web Frameworks with Justin Sheehy

Memory Dump Analysis–W3WP IIS Process

Facebook’s new energy efficient data center

21 principles for innovating in the real world from IDEO’s Diego Rodriguez