Cool places where to go for Lunch/Dinner or just for a beer or a cocktail in London

All my friends coming to London with/without families, always ask me about cool places where to go for Lunch or Dinner or just for a beer or a cocktail, so here is the list of the top places I know in London:

For a day out

Grab a pack of beers or a bottle of wine and go straight to

Primrose Hill

Very close to Primerose Hill you can find one of the best gastropub in London:

The Engineer

Hampstead Heath 

One of the biggest park in London

If you want to eat oriental food


Pricy but the food is very good


Very economic and probably one of the most typical Japanese restaurant in London.
Book a week in advance or you’ll not be able to get in



Best place for a very special day out

Ping Pong

Italian Food



Afternoon Tea & Cocktail Bars


Amazing afternoon tea room, and super futuristic cocktail bar on the back



Café Liberty

A little bit of shopping at Liberty and then a relaxing afternoon tea.


This is a place I’m going to tomorrow for the first time. let’s hope the weather is kind with us, but from the panorama view is stunning