Bins–Taskbar organizer for windows

I’ve just installed Bins ( and it has already changed the way I work.

My taskbar was a huge mess before, I had 60/70 icons and I had to use small icons in 2 lines to use as less screen as possible, but it was becoming quite hard to manage

This is my new taskbar with Bin installed:

With Bin installed, I can group icons the way I want (work tools, social tools, media tools) and use only about 20 icons on my taskbar but still keeping all the tools I need just one click away.

I really hope Microsoft will buy this product and make it a default on Windows 8 Smile

I love this product!

Continuous Learner #10


On ORMs and other data access layer
Recently we’ve been refactoring our app from a multi layer DAO (we had 3 levels of abstraction: repository, gateway and context to make it all testable, all of them with their interface) to a much simpler solution, using AdoTemplate

How I learned to stop worrying and write my own ORM

Google, please, get your design up to date and consistent everywhere


In 2 minutes I was able to find out at least 5 different toolbar design on google official services:

Some use the new Toolbar (I love it and that is fine), even if does have the new toolbar but without all the additional services.



Some use the old toolbar in 3 different variants, with different services, or different css styles (sometimes with underscore on the menu voices, some others without).




It really is annoying. Google, take a couple of engineers and designers and please FIX it EVERYWHERE !!!