Continuous Learner #7


Unit Test

Steve jobs was inspired by Italian cars


Templify – making solution creation simple.

sudo apt-get for Visual Studio 2010

Microsoft is getting better and better at copying what is really cool from the other non Microsoft worlds.

The news of the day is the release of NuPack, a Package Manager for visual studio project. It allows via command line to add packages to your existing application and it works really well.

Let’s say you have a web project and you want to start to use NLog on that project. 

Until today you had to download the library from the NLog site (, copy the dll in a folder inside your solution, Open your web project, add a reference to the dll, update the web.config to make it work, with some trial and error.

Starting from today, given you have installed NuPack (, the only thing you have to do is open the Package Manager Console (View->Other Windows) select your web project, type Add-Package NLog and you’re done.


The web.config is automatically updated, the dll is automatically downloaded in a folder called packages and a reference is added to your project.


Alternatively, if you do not like to use the command line console, you can right click on the project references folder and select Add Package Reference and you’ll see a list of packages you can add to the project.



This is probably one of the best thing I’ve seen ever Smile