Discovering Windows Phone 7 #1

I’m starting to learn about XAN 4 for Windows Mobile 7, and going through all the examples from the MIX10.
The example I’m showing tonight comes from Shawn Hargreaves Blog ( and It’s an example of how to create a Frame Rate counter component. I heard about this on this on the session CL19 (DEVELOPMENT AND DEBUGGING TOOLS FOR BUILDING XNA GAMES FOR WINDOWS PHONE –

At first I had some problems with this specific line of code:

_font = Game.Content.Load<SpriteFont>(“Arial”);

The runtime was throwing a File Not Found exception.
I was initially adding the Arial.spritefont manually to the WindowsPhoneGame project, but digging the XNA Forums ( I figured out that that resource needed to be added to the WindowsPhoneGameContent project instead of the Game project.

In the end, here it’s my FPS counter


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