Did you know that Chrome OS is already installed on your PC??

Really???? yes, really!!!

If you have the latest beta version of Chrome (mine is a new feature called “pin tab” has been introduced.
Unfortunately, officially it’s not possible to save those pinned tabs so that the next time you open your browser you have them there.

But there’s a workaround to this:

Basically you force chrome to open a certain number of tabs every time you run it and with the parameter -pinned-tab-count=n where n is the amount of pages that you want to open every time and… tadaaaaaaa here you have Chrome OS running on windows… nice, isn’t it??




I LOVE Visual Studio Team Architecture 2010 Beta 2

I started to play with VS2010 few weeks ago. You know, MVC, new debug, etc…

But one thing I REALLY love about the new VS is the new projects for Architects.

You can choose one of the following templates and you’ll be ready to create all the documentation
you want to support the architecture of your project.


I’m leaving my current position at Bookarmy at the end of January and I’ve to explain the entire
architecture of the project to an Indian company that will support the site in the future, so I have
to explain a conspicuous amount of user case scenarios.

I find the Sequence diagram one of the best in order to really explain the sequence of the actions on the site.

It’s also much easier than any other UML tool I’ve ever used in the past so, MS well done 🙂



Google public DNS vs Open DNS

Few days ago, Google released his Public DNS.
Until now, the most famous public DNS was Open DNS, a service founded in 2005.

from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenDNS
“OpenDNS provides the following recursive nameserver addresses[11] for public use, mapped to the nearest operational server location by anycast routing:

  • (resolver1.opendns.com)
  • (resolver2.opendns.com)
  • [11]
  • [11]

Now google is in the game too, and looks like GpDNS, is very fast at least in US.

But what about where YOU live?
Which one is the best DNS for you?

well, have a look at this, and find out what is best for you


This is the result from my home:


It turn out that in London, the best service is UltraDNS