Seesmic for Windows

Warm and wonderful greetings from Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference (PDC), in Los Angeles, where we are very excited for Seesmic to be part of the epicenter of some of Microsoft’s biggest platform announcements.
In our Day 1 Keynote: along with Ray Ozzie, Chief Software Architect at Microsoft, we are extremely proud to announce that our most popular twitter client is now available as a feature-rich native application for Windows.
Partnered with Microsoft, engineered for Windows and optimized for Windows 7, this preview version of Seesmic for Windows combines the best features from of our ever-popular social application and provides it to you in a native Windows environment.

I found a bit hard to find the link to download the application so here it is


First Impressions on Office 2010 B1

I just finished to install Microsoft Office 2010 B1 and I really like the new Outlook.

Word and Excel are very much the same as the 2007 version, just with a more Professional looking Ribbon Bar.

image image

The small change I really like is the new “File Menu”

It now uses all the Application Window to show all the possible options:




The biggest effort in this release was to upgrade the interface of Outlook, Project and Visio, the 3 elements of the Suite that wasn’t lucky enough to be upgraded to the Ribbon interface in 2007

I really like the new Outlook and I was waiting for the new Layout since the beginning of 2007.

One of the real interesting thing is how they group messages together by subject/senders


And the list of persons involved in that conversation


I’ll soon install SharePoint Server 2010 to see if they improved the integration between the “offline” Office Suite and the Online version of SharePoint