One Year of Traffic…

This is just an observation after one year we run (in fact it has been running for about 1.5 years but I want to analyse just the 2008)

The first of July the site went through a split to .com (US market), (UK market) and .in (Indian market).

The Indian numbers are irrelevant at the moment

This graph represent the .com site


while this represent the


As you can see the numbers on .com are going down after the slit and the Bounce rate is growing a little bit and it worry me, while numbers on are generally growing but average time on site is going down, pages/visit and new visits are going down.

In some fields we’re doing much better than the average in the sector so this is still a positive situation to handle, but may be is time to do something new to keep users on the site and may be time to launch a new campaign to invite new mums to use the site.

One thing very hard to do is to aggregate data to see the average trend of the site, .com and all together.

May be this is something google analytics should allows us to do.

Anyway 21’948’745 + 8’189’393 = 30’138’138, 30M of pages served in one year is a pretty huge number I think…

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