News about Bookarmy – my latest baby

“What could be most interesting about this is how successful HC will be in promoting the site across the other NewsCorp sites particularly Myspace. If they are able to gain traction there then we could really begin to see a significant player in book social networking. Perhaps even a transaction site that could become very significant given the concentration of users around the Myspace brand. On the other hand, your typical Myspace user may not be the perfect book reader and therein lies the challenge. Taking the battle directly to the group less interested in reading could be just the thing that builds some renewed interest in published content.*”

The plan is for Book Army to list every book with an ISBN. HarperCollins also plans to make use of its News Corp siblings, such as BSkyB (NYSE: BSYNews) and Fox Interactive’s MySpace, to promote Book Army. In the meantime, HarperCollins will continue building its books social networking site Authonomy, which launched in September in the UK. There are no concrete plans to introduce Authonomy in the U.S. anytime soon.

The News Corporation-owned publisher first outlined plans for the UK and US roll out of the book recommendation site in September (nma 18 September), but director of digital development Charlie Redmayne said the site remains in testing


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