The Web is broken…

In the past days I’ve been using some different Web Sites for different activities and 404 messages, 500 messages, broken layouts are something Users are getting used to.
In just few days I collected 4 error pages on 4 major sites:

I’ll try to keep the list updated but I know it will be a Full Time job

So, why this? Is web becoming to complex to cover all the different clients someone can use to browse the web, or to handle all the different behaviours of users?

What can we do to solve this? I personally think Microsoft have a huge responsibility on this. They had 99% of the web browsers market, they had the possibility to create a de facto standard with IE but they came out with the worst browser ever (IE6) and didn’t updated it until FF started to really gain power on the WEB.

Now We are in a position where Corporates are still using IE6 on XP without the possibility to upgrade to IE7 without upgrading to Vista. Web developers use FF2/3 as main development platform. Common house users use IE7 because that is what they have when they buy a PC or Safari when they buy a MAC, and the work for us poor Web developers is becoming more and more difficult.

I see space for a big growth of a job position: the Web Interface Developer, with an eye on programming languages (PHP, ASP.NET, Python, Ruby) and an eye on HTML/CSS/JS cross browser compatibility.

Most of the problems on JS field are covered by libraries like JQuery, an Microsoft is going to use it as Standard library within ASP.NET

But what about HTML and CSS? Will we need to wait for the death of XP and IE6 to have an easy life? Windows XP set to end on 14 April 2009… let’s hope that moment will be the best of our Web Developer life 🙂

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