TO WLM guys: please, make WLM pluggable!!!!

Now days people are using many different communication platforms.

Messenger, twitter, facebook are all communication platforms we all use, all with APIs to talk to them.
Why not make WLM pluggable so that I can build my plugin to retrieve my twitter updates, my facebook updates my windows live updates (those in in Windows Live wave 3) and at the same way I’m able to update my facebook and flickr status while I update my WLM Personal Message…
Come ‘on guys we need more flexibility to write plugins for Messenger. We’ve seen quite good stuff for Live Writer, but please, open up messenger!!!
There are many “social clients” out there why not allow developer to make Messenger “THE social client”?

there’s something out there to try to merge all those platforms

but we need more flexibility

The Catch-22 of Entrepreneurship


1. You can’t attract incredible people to your team unless you have something incredible.

2. You can’t make something incredible unless you have amazing people to build it.

This is a major dilemma that most small companies never end up solving.  I think the best way around it is to actually do transcendent things, or begin to externally validate your ideas.  That can happen in a number of ways.

Money. This is the most obvious.  If you have money received through investment, you’ve likely obtained it because someone thought you were doing something incredible.  This money, and especially that validation, goes to paying great people to work with you.  It points to an opportunity.  If you inherently had money, that works too — because it can speak to previous success — but it doesn’t work quite as well as direct validation.   

Be completely incredible. Just go out and make the thing that nobody told you was possible.  Design the billion dollar router by yourself. Write every part of the software yourself, then get fifty thousand people to pay for it.  Compose the symphony alone.  If you’re really good — you’ll take off a little bit (or a lot) by yourself.  The validation from that success is attractive and indisputable.

Steal the team.  Think of the groups at the original PayPal or people in Stanford’s grad programs.  Both require an immense amount of vetting to be a part of, and the resulting groups are often incredible.  The validation form getting into a prestigious college or onto an elite team can speak volumes for your credibility.  

The interesting thing is that all 3 of these items require external validation — something that can’t easily be faked.  Notice the almost equivalent statements like "raising money" and "having a bunch of free signups" don’t require any external validation — anyone can say or obtain that sort of thing, and they’re pretty weak things to say.  

Doing, rather than saying, goes a long way.

Google and the new video resolution

As this blog point out

YouTube started to adopt a new video resolution. They moved from the old standard 4:3 to the new more common 19:9.

I like the new resolution but I’m curious to know what’s the impact in terms of bandwidth for google to switch from the old to the new format.

All the news video seems to be in the new format. I don’t think people is uploading only videos in the new format so I guess google is cropping the new videos like some TV does, while for the old one they’re  showing 2 black stripes on the left and right of the video.

One more thing I discovered it that YouTube use his own CDN : to serve video thimbnails

One Year of Traffic…

This is just an observation after one year we run (in fact it has been running for about 1.5 years but I want to analyse just the 2008)

The first of July the site went through a split to .com (US market), (UK market) and .in (Indian market).

The Indian numbers are irrelevant at the moment

This graph represent the .com site


while this represent the


As you can see the numbers on .com are going down after the slit and the Bounce rate is growing a little bit and it worry me, while numbers on are generally growing but average time on site is going down, pages/visit and new visits are going down.

In some fields we’re doing much better than the average in the sector so this is still a positive situation to handle, but may be is time to do something new to keep users on the site and may be time to launch a new campaign to invite new mums to use the site.

One thing very hard to do is to aggregate data to see the average trend of the site, .com and all together.

May be this is something google analytics should allows us to do.

Anyway 21’948’745 + 8’189’393 = 30’138’138, 30M of pages served in one year is a pretty huge number I think…

Use Your SEO knowledge to build your perfect Internet Profile

Nowadays everyone has 5 to 10/15 profiles on different web sites.
The sites I use more are these

Pownce: (Pownce will be shutting down on Dec 15, 2008)

As per Google Algorithm definition

“The fact is that PageRank is based on incoming links, but not just on the number of them. Instead PageRank is based on the value of your incoming links. To find the value of an incoming link look at the PR of the source page, and divide it by the number of links on that page. It’s very possible to get a PR of 6 or 7 from only a handful of incoming links if your links are “weighty” enough.”

Type an quality of incoming links are very important on page ranking, so my idea is to start to cross reference my profiles via links on profile description so that everyone of my profile pages will help the ranking of the others at least for my username, name and surname keywords.

This is in fact part of my experiment 🙂

News about Bookarmy – my latest baby

“What could be most interesting about this is how successful HC will be in promoting the site across the other NewsCorp sites particularly Myspace. If they are able to gain traction there then we could really begin to see a significant player in book social networking. Perhaps even a transaction site that could become very significant given the concentration of users around the Myspace brand. On the other hand, your typical Myspace user may not be the perfect book reader and therein lies the challenge. Taking the battle directly to the group less interested in reading could be just the thing that builds some renewed interest in published content.*”

The plan is for Book Army to list every book with an ISBN. HarperCollins also plans to make use of its News Corp siblings, such as BSkyB (NYSE: BSYNews) and Fox Interactive’s MySpace, to promote Book Army. In the meantime, HarperCollins will continue building its books social networking site Authonomy, which launched in September in the UK. There are no concrete plans to introduce Authonomy in the U.S. anytime soon.

The News Corporation-owned publisher first outlined plans for the UK and US roll out of the book recommendation site in September (nma 18 September), but director of digital development Charlie Redmayne said the site remains in testing