Gurgle International and next projects

We’re going to launch the English American and English Indian version of
This has been a huge work we did in the past 3 months and that I did overview.
The site still have some problems that we’ll iron out in the next month, and we’ll have to see if the site will be able to handle the huge traffic we hope to have.

We’re going to release next month a new social network site about books. This has been a huge job in the last 3-4 months. We have spent 3 full time good devs + some of my time + some time to develop a huge algorithm that should manage all the recommendations. Will see if the result will overtake the expectations or not. I’m quite confident that we built a good platform that will be able to accommodate the customer business requirements.

There’s also something going on on the international field. We’re planning to go to Abu Dhabi for some weeks to start a new Web Agency that will collaborate with us in the future. It seems to be an interesting project even if my task will not be to develop something but will be more teach them how to set up a project and overview what they does but this seem to be a very interesting activity.


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