Back from Japan

I spent my Christmas and new year in Japan, what an amazing country!
I Loved it.
People ask me if I could live there… Who knows…
They are really different.

They are so friendly, but can you live with plenty of Japanese Bows and Arigato gozaimasu?? Who knows…

The thing I Loved and Hated is that you have to take your shoes off every moment of your day… You go to lunch? take your shoes off; Go to visit a Museum? take your shoes off.

What I really loved is the Western style Toilet in Japan:
take a look at this:
The technologically advanced Japanese toilet

I went to Tokyo, Yokohama, Kawaguchiko (beautiful hotel with hot bath at top floor), Nagoya, Kanazawa (splendid Kenroku-en garden, geisha districts and samurai districts), Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima.

I saw the modern side of Japan in Tokyo, and the older side in Kyoto (Fushimi Inari Shrine and The Golden Pavilion are definitely to see)

Yeah, I’ll be back for sure one day!!!!

Check for my Japanese pictures.


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