Shawn Burke’s Blog : Configuring Visual Studio to Debug .NET Framework Source Code

And finally… it’s here!!!!
I’ve been waiting this for long time, since the first ScottGu announcement about the release of the source code of the .net Framework.

But finally we have it. It’s quite cool being able to step into the framework code, see the developers comments on every method, every class…
I’ll never use Reflector again… at least not for the framework 😛

Shawn Burke’s Blog : Configuring Visual Studio to Debug .NET Framework Source Code

Back from Japan

I spent my Christmas and new year in Japan, what an amazing country!
I Loved it.
People ask me if I could live there… Who knows…
They are really different.

They are so friendly, but can you live with plenty of Japanese Bows and Arigato gozaimasu?? Who knows…

The thing I Loved and Hated is that you have to take your shoes off every moment of your day… You go to lunch? take your shoes off; Go to visit a Museum? take your shoes off.

What I really loved is the Western style Toilet in Japan:
take a look at this:
The technologically advanced Japanese toilet

I went to Tokyo, Yokohama, Kawaguchiko (beautiful hotel with hot bath at top floor), Nagoya, Kanazawa (splendid Kenroku-en garden, geisha districts and samurai districts), Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima.

I saw the modern side of Japan in Tokyo, and the older side in Kyoto (Fushimi Inari Shrine and The Golden Pavilion are definitely to see)

Yeah, I’ll be back for sure one day!!!!

Check for my Japanese pictures.

Flickr is Down

Downtime notice

4:13pm PST: Anyone who’s ever worked in software probably knows that time estimates are tricky. Given that we’d prefer that Flickr be as close to 100% stable as we can make it before we go back online, we’re going to take more time to make sure that’s what happens.

The latest estimate from our awesome Ops team is 6:30pm PST.

It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your precious photos, plus, there’s the added benefit of giving us all a chance to reflect on our serious Flickr addictions. Thank you again for your patience.


2:30pm PST: We started on a database upgrade and a few alters to the database structure last night. Given our scale, work like this takes a long time, and makes a definite impact on site performance.

You may have noticed today that the site is having lots of hiccups and that behaviour is generally pretty erratic. So, we’ve decided to take the site offline help things settle down. We’re anticipating a couple of hours is all we need at this point, so, we’re hoping to be back online around 4:30 PST.

Sorry about this! It will be one of those massages that ‘hurts so good’ and we’ll post updates here as we have them. “

Good luck with the new version of the site.
I’m going to upgrade my site tomorrow, hope to have better luck!