My new Job

I’m going to change job here in UK.
I’m moving from Facultas/Lyris to Media Burn.
They’re both small companies, that works in really different fields.
The first one where i worked for a couple of monts, works on E-Mail marketing, they use a software called List Manager to create personalized email to increase online eshop sales.
They are going to enter to the .Net business selling and using IdeaBlade.
Familiar environment, and quiet Job.
The second one is a Media Company, really exiting job. We have to build the next generation social networking  sites.
Fascinating challenge, with young and ambitious peoples.
Anyway, just to show you the differences betwen Italian .Net market and London .Net market, take a look at the numbers in the picture attached.

One thought on “My new Job

  1. What a score man!!
    I’m really happy for you
    good luck for your brand new adventure and keep the home fires burning, day April the 20th I’ll be there man!!

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