Commerce Server 2007 RC

I was waiting Commerce 2006 RC since last week, and now it’s out… but…. wait…. it’s Commerce Server 2007 now!!!!
They released it with 2 weeks of delay, and i think the most part of the work of the last  weeks have been the renaming of the product 🙂
I’m developing for a Customer an eCommerce platform that will allow to manage about 100 merchant per Commerce Server site.
We build up over a Commerce Server 2006 B1 an application Layer that allow to put catalogs, users, etc of a lot of merchant, inside the same Commerce Server Site, we modified the standard Web Services of Commerce Server to filter data for every merchant, so they can use the standard Business User Consoles to manage only their data.
Our framework allow to publish every Merchant OnLine Store with the data managed by the relative Merchant.
The system is then integrated with Logistics and Shipment system.
I’ll talk about it soon.