Top Ten Tips on how to become a Rock Star Programmer


#6 Read books

You might be good at what you do, but knowing only that, whatever it may be, is seldom enough to really shine. Knowing enough about more fields than the field you are about to shine in is golden. Take for instance a GUI coder that knows nothing about databases. He might be almost useless since he can’t interact with the guy doing the backing store, and so on. It takes as much effort to be 90% good in five fields than to be 99% good one one.

#7 Go back and enhance your old code

Not that it is sound from an economical point of view but because you learn oodles of things reading you own crap, which old code always is. Code gets rotten after a couple of years, it really does, since you evolve. If you can’t find bad things in your old code you either already are a rock star programmer, or maybe more probable, hasn’t evolved much lately.

#8 Eat your own dog food!

If you create APIs, create some applications using that API. If you create applications, ask your friends/wife(s)/husband(s)/children to try it. Don’t say you did it; say that your crappy no-good overpaid work mate did it, so you get some honest feedback. Honest feedback is golden.

#9 Don’t ask people for advice

Learn how to get that answer yourself instead,  […]


#11 And last…

Eat right, exercise more, don’t drink too much coffee, and all that other crap that matter more than you think, but you won’t do because I said so.