Me and MySql, MySql Enterprise Library V2

As for my preview post, i need to let work MySql with Enterprise Library in .net 2.0
First af all, i downloaded MySQL Connector/Net from
This is a well done project, that works very well if used alone.
But if you want to use it with Enterprise Library…mmm there are a lot of issue to solve.
First of all, the MySqlConnection, MySqlCommand, etc implements the right interface (IDbConnection, IDbCommand etc), but they dont inherits from DbConnection, DbCommand (and so on) as needed from Enterprise Library.
Second, some classes required from Enterprise Library are missing, like
MySqlClientPermission and MySqlClientPermissionAttribute.
After i did the required customization to the library, i’ve implemented the MySql Enterprise Library data layer, and all seems to work well.
I’ve done it for MySql 4.1, so it don’t yet use Stored Procedures, but use an exteral file where you can put custom query.
My project is open source and you can get it from my workspace

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