Me and MySql, membership providers & Co.

For the CMS i’ve developed in the last year of my free time, i need to use MySql to store ASP.NET 2.0 membership, profiles and roles.
So i begun to work to my MySql providers.
First af all, i downloaded MySQL Connector/Net from
As second step, i look for AccessMembershipProvider (that is now an open source project no more supported in the final .net framework 2.0) and i founded it here :
It’s based on oledb provider, so for me have been simple to change all oledb reference to MySql provider.
I had some problems :
    First is how MySql server work with Transaction.
    I need to create MySqlTransaction via code rather than using MySqlCommand.
    As second i had to change connection management from FileSystem (as needed for Access) to MySql.
In the last step i’ve created all the needed tables importing them from access database using MySql-Front :
So, now, everithing seems to work well with MySql !!!
Yuppy :):):)

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