I tryed the new Messenger Live 8

I tryed the new Messenger Live 8.
The Beta version cannot be used if you’re not a beta tester.
This is verified when you log on the sistem.
But using the "WLM 8.0 Patch" (http://www.msgshit.com/) you can become an unofficial beta tester.
This patch downgrade the messenger protocol that messenger use from version 13 to version 12, so i think we cannot use the new features…
Everyway, i really don’t like the new messenger…
It uses too much pc resources (i know it’s in beta version), i don’t like the new grouped contact, even if i like that messenger take all contacts from my hotmail contact list.
I uninstalled the messenger after 2 minutes of use…
I’ll retry later if i like messenger more. 

Il Broker

Entusiasmante libro, ambientato per gran parte in italia in particolar modo a Bologna, ma di passaggio anche a Treviso.
Trama interessante, e l’ambientazione a Bologna dove son stato a lavorare per diversi mesi, ha mantenuto alto il mio interesse fino alla fine del libro, che mi sono bevuto praticamente in un pomeriggio.