CTP Madness

"Community Technology Previews (CTPs) are regular interim releases of Microsoft technologies while they are still under active development. These CTPs have offered the community unprecedented near-real-time access to what is going on at Microsoft and they have enabled Microsoft to get customers’ feedback in a timely and relevant way. Microsoft offers CTPs for many of our major developer platforms including Visual Studio, the .NET Framework, WinFX (which includes Avalon and Indigo), and SQL Server.

However, we have seen a condition emerge in frequent users of CTPs that has come to be known as “CTP Madness”. This condition emerges when a developer tries one CTP (say the latest build of Avalon and Indigo) only to find out it will not install because of the build of the .NET Framework they have installed. The condition gets worse when the developer is unable to locate the correct version of the .NET Framework that works both with the SQL Server build and VS build they need to use.

Well, Doctors Abrams and Sutherland (working closely with Chief of Staff Torre) have developed a remarkable cure for CTP Madness. The solution is this xml file: BuildData.xml. This file contains all the secrets of making pre-release builds work together. The application below uses this data to clearly show what builds are compatible. In addition we use the browsercaps to show you what appears to be installed on your machine right now. "




Proud of my Ent Lib extension

I’m very proud of the Ent Lib extension i built for use data access provider with MySql.

My Ent Lib Ext is one of the most downloaded from gotdotnet, i would like to know if someone is using it 🙂


Last week, after a lot of time, Microsoft release WinFS beta1.

I tryed to install it, but i din’t found nothing on interesting.

It looks only like a new Driver in my PC that looks like a Win FileSystem. Nothing about relational data.

If you, like me, are disappointed about WinFS, watch this :



I’m sure you’ll se a lot of new opportunities using WinFS.


Enjoy the video