Altitudo – Business Card

My new Business card!!!
I don’t like mountains too much, but it is!!!


We are the branch of Altevie that work on Microsoft Businness Solution, from CMS and CS to CRM and NAVISION. 


Web site does not yet exist, email addres does not yet exist, we’re still working with accounts.


Do we really need a ??

Today i was browsing some tech sites and i saw a really interesting page, where there’s the windows history flow.
Watching the end of the pic, i saw all the desktop windows system that are now in use, like XP, 2003, the new coming Vista (blleeeaaa again, i prefer Longhorn !!), and at the bottom of the page i saw a strange flow join : Windows Mobile 5.0 is going into Windows Automotive 5.0.
But… what is Windows Automotive ?????
Here you can find something more :
And finally, my questions are…
Do we really need a computer in our car that talk with us??
All of us need the help of a PC while driving ??
Can really a car pc to be so intelligent to be our secretary???
I don’t think yet…

Books i’m going to read (or i’m reading)

Talking about Microsoft Windows Vista



official : Microsoft Windows Vista

onofficial, my petition : My petition against that name


update video :

I’m really shocked about how many articles has comed out few minutes after the announcement, but the things that impressed me more is this link

he’s the fastest guy i never saw !

Ajax now !