Road To Amsterdam

I’m planning my week at TechEd.
I read all the sessions descriptions at
and filled my agenda of all the most interesting sessions.
It hasn’t been so simple, they could give us a simpler interface to view all contemporaneous sessions.
Have been quite hard choose the most important track even because Altevie (Altitudo) watch more at the “Application” traks like CRM,SP, etc, while i’m more interested in Dev sessions, Idigo, Yukon, etc, so i’ve to do an intelligent mix of both.
This is the first time i go so see a so big event, and the first time alone in a stranger country.
I hope to be back with the right airplane
I’m studying Amsterdam map, where is my hotel, where is the meeting place, where is the airport place…
I’m quite exited, i hope this will be a good week !
1 – where TechEd take place
2 – my hotel
3 – the airport

2 thoughts on “Road To Amsterdam

  1. And you probably also know where to find the best clubs, wich days it’s best to go out and what kind of parties there are during the week. ….only visiting the conference halls, hotel and the airport isn’t really what you plan to do, is it?

  2. I totally agree with Olaf Conijn…jajajaI think you must have thought of the nice girls in Holland before u went there….jajajaand how about clubs?I bet u already found the best one.

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