Road To Amsterdam

I’m planning my week at TechEd.
I read all the sessions descriptions at
and filled my agenda of all the most interesting sessions.
It hasn’t been so simple, they could give us a simpler interface to view all contemporaneous sessions.
Have been quite hard choose the most important track even because Altevie (Altitudo) watch more at the “Application” traks like CRM,SP, etc, while i’m more interested in Dev sessions, Idigo, Yukon, etc, so i’ve to do an intelligent mix of both.
This is the first time i go so see a so big event, and the first time alone in a stranger country.
I hope to be back with the right airplane
I’m studying Amsterdam map, where is my hotel, where is the meeting place, where is the airport place…
I’m quite exited, i hope this will be a good week !
1 – where TechEd take place
2 – my hotel
3 – the airport

The Next Version of is Out

The next version of MSN’s experimental RSS reader is available at You have to solve the questions before getting access to the next version of the site but once that’s done you get access to the juicy goodness.

This version of the site does a better job of letting you read posts inline. Another neat addition is the ability to drag and drop modules to arrange them on the page. Kudos to the the Steve Rider, Scott Isaacs and the rest of the folks who’ve worked on this.

don’t install that msn toobar

Wow IE6 Has Tabs!
With the new MSN toolbar ( Microsoft introduced the Tab browsing concept in IE6.
We know they’re going to integrate tabs in IE7 (, but i hope the final result may be really better than this bad plug in release.

It’s hack !!!
Don’t install it!!!
The toolbar produce a fastidious page refresh when switching from a tab to another one.
IE is slowed down by the tabs.
This version should be a BETA product, not a final release like it is.