VMWare to Virtual Server via ADS & VSMT

Just for begin, i think i must explain ADS & VSMT acronym:
ADS : Automated Deployment Services
VSMT : Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 Migration Toolkit

You only need this 2 software to do the job. (only???? 60 MB of software…)
ADS generate all the scripts necessary to "deploy" vmware to virtual pc using VSMT.

It’s not too complicated, you have only to follow those steps you find in Virtual Server 2005 Migration Toolkit User’s Guide:
Step 1: Prepare the source computer
Step 2: Change the device drivers to be installed on the virtual machine
Step 3: Change the startup state of a driver or service
Step 4: Gather configuration information
Step 5: Validate configuration information
Step 6: Load system files
Step 7: Generate migration scripts
Step 8: Enable image encryption
Step 9: Capture the source image
Step 10: Create the virtual machine
Step 11: Deploy the image
Step 12: Complete the deployment

The most problem i had is at step 11, when i’ve to deploy the image.
Virtual Server in PXE boot mode, wasn’t able to contact ADS.
There is an article (KB875533) that talk about that, but my problem wasn’t solved installing the patch.
Before run Source_DeployVM.cmd i had to change the virtual network adapter of the new created Virtual Server, from the default (the one set up from the script) to my phisical network adapter.
After that i’ve been able to deploy the disk images to the new virtual machine.

I losed 2 days…
It looks simple, but at the first try u may have some problems.

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