Rainbowportal ?no thanks

I’ve been forced to my agency to use rainbowportal for a project.
In the past i saw some Content Management System as DotNetNuke, Microsoft CMS, and i have also created my CMS (www.smnbss.com).

I think rainbowportal is really a bad system.

  1. The way to give permission to the editors(u must give permission to the mosules, and not to the pages/areas) don’t allow to easily create an area (intend as a subset of pages) and assign permission to that area to an editor user.
    This is a necessary thing for a big portal site.
  2. If you create a big numenr of roles for different groups of editors/authenticated reades, u have all those roles in all the modules configuration settings…
    U could have all huge pages when in config mode.
  3. Not all core modules supports worflow. (If you release a core function i hopo this should be complete, but not in this software)
  4. Not all core modules are full translated in italian(as step before)
  5. etc…

I would have preferred a more completed object model (like MS CMS do) than a lot of incompleted modules.

The only pro is that it’s written in c# (better than DNN3 that is in VB.net), but if you start to modify modules out of CVS source forge projecs and you want to stay updated with new releases, you must merge all your modification to the new modules code.

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