To InfoPath or not to InfoPath

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"I don’t want to be negative, but thinking back, just imagining the amount of resources that we could have saved if we (the project that I am working on) was designed using Windows Forms instead of InfoPath.

It’s the opposite of what we were thinking; now I know that InfoPath is not meant to be used in big applications, just a tool for building forms for none developers, + some developer support.

By now, and after 6 month of daily development, and spending more than 200 dev hours / month in front of that software, I can’t see any benefit.

I just can’t see anything that this product can do, and windows forms cannot, and that’s not all, windows forms are way faster, and way way way more productive, and easier do develop with.

And things like repeating sections, is just having a panel inside another panel inside windows forms, and a small code to make it work.

The form take time to open, it’s a large view.

The form is not .net standards; it uses its own version of xml.

And simple things, like adding a new row, cannot be done easily be code, you must call the InfoPath interface and ask him to "execute an action", and I was not able to get that working either.

After this project, I am probably going to windows forms again, and custom controls, but first I am taking therapy, and 2 weeks of vacation 🙂

I hope Microsoft XAML in Longhorn will solve the xml forms problem.

 I have a Microsoft InfoPath 2003 SP1 / VS.NET C# 2003 project.
 The schema is created outside the InfoPath form (using VS.NET), and imported later to InfoPath, and it’s working correctly.
 Now, one of the sections in the schema is repeatable, I would like to use a C# code to insert a new section, similar to the insert link of the section.
 To do this, I must write a big amount of code to insert each node manually; I know how to do that.
 What I don’t know id how to insert a new section with one line, something based on the schema, like what InfoPath does.
 Thank you "

After i read this interesting comment, i’m goint to think if i’m doing a well thing to adopt Infopath as front end of my new Project…
I’ve attached an interface sample. It take about 10 sec to change Detail table (the last one) when i change selected row in Master table(second one).
This slow is due to drop down lists in Detail row.. but there are no other way give a straight data insert to the final user.
I don’t think this is acceptable performance…

Infopath is not what you need to populate data if u’re not doing a demo project…

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