Commerce Server make me crazy…

I’ve lose 2 days trying to solve an issue that made me crazy.
When i was clicking a link for go in my home page from any other site pages, i lose the ProfileTicket, but not the AuthTicket if i was authenticated, and this was happening only in prod sys and not in dev sys.

So, if i tell u what was happening, u will be a bit surprised:
first request was :
second request was :

No differences?? ok, look better S != s.

But my question is…
Why AuthTicket stay, while ProfileTicket goes ????

Stupid CS !!!!!


RewritePath power

I was looking inside DNN 3.0 and i saw that in the address bar of my firefox there was ever friendly url… How can this is possible? I didn’t install ISAPI filters or other… So i try to look inside (shit i don’t have VB language installed on my VS2003) and i found HttpContext.RewritePath. What the hell!!! i like it so much ! 🙂 I’m going to try it now !!! :

P.S last night i’ve integrated my CMS with MembershipProvider backporting for 1.1

Consulting vs. Contracting

Interesting considerations about Consulting vs. Contracting JobStyle Is quite right, exept "If you don’t know about a certain type of architecture you can ask which book you should read. If you want to do a project on the side there are people around to help you, with no one fearing that it might detract from your day job." If ur society don’t buy the books u need, ur colleagues don’t know nothing, and u don’t have the possibilities to grow up in interesting projects… Consulting role is not so good…